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Video Interview: G-Unit Producer Doe Pesci

Doe Pesci has come to fame as a beat maker through numerous collaborations with the hottest rappers of NYC’s five boroughs. With a list of artists that range from 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Nicki Minaj to Stack Bundles and Jim Jones, Pesci has left quite a mark on the game. Interestingly enough, Doe Pesci is one of the rare producers who don’t quite have a signature sound. You never know what you’ll get from him. One beat may be filled with blazing snares while the next may rely on soulful synths. Pesci attributes this versatility to the wide range of music on his i-pod: “I just like all types of different music. Just listening to different types of music. Rock and Roll, progressive, all types of psychedelic rock—like im big into old classic, European psychedelic rock, that typa stuff. I guess that plays a big part in my beats.”

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Video Interview: G-Unit Producer Doe Pesci

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