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Q&A Interview: Syleena Johnson

Page 31: I have to start off by giving you props for your new single My Love, which has gotten rave reviews throughout the interview. What was your thought process while creating this record?

Syleena Johnson:
I’m really excited about this record because it’s a very beautiful love song and it’s real. It really expresses—it relates to all relationships from the top where I say, ‘truth is sometimes you get on my nerves.’ I think that’s really something cool about the record because it’s so relative to everyone who is in a relationship. It represents what Chapter 6 is about—being in a relationship that’s not perfect but still ending up together and working through it.

The video for Perfectly Worthless was a big conversation starter because it dealt with such volatile emotions and getting to that point where you’re in so much pain you’d consider taking your life. Would you say this project was your deepest project as a whole?

Well with the video I didn’t want to be cookie cutterish. I wanted to be impactful. I wanted to touch on something serious and I wanted people to really feel what I’m talking about as opposed to just hearing it. I’m going to continue to create that impact beyond just this record, in the visuals for the entire album.

Q&A Interview: Syleena Johnson

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