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Q&A Interview Spread: Yung Berg

Q&A Interview Spread: Yung Berg

As far as his new single, he actually sent me the record four months before the song came out and they wanted me to get on the song but through the content…that wasn’t my story. I told him respectfully that I didn’t want to do the record but we could do anything else and I just wanted to stay away from that because it wasn’t my truth. 

P31: Recently a clip came out of 2 Chainz getting robbed but he didn’t necessarily get the same backlash that Yung Berg would have gotten in the past. What are your thoughts about that? Do you feel you get purposely targeted?

YB: I think me and 2 Chainz are two different people and I can’t really speak on his situation. As far as me, you gotta understand when I first came out I was 21 years old. I was a young guy that had a lot of attitude that came off a certain way. Because I didn’t say anything and I had labels telling me not to say anything when altercations would happen, people would just run with the stories they wanted to, or whatever the press made up. It’s so crazy because I know there are kids in high school and stuff that go through the same things, but I’m blessed, I got a top ten record, Grammy nominations and it just adds to my story to have been able to bounce back from everything.


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