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Q&A Interview: Rico Love

Page 31: How are you feeling tonight as a 3 time SESAC Songwriter of the year winner being amongst the people who have acknowledged you time and time again for your craft?

Rico Love: It’s amazing. It’s a blessing to be here and be able to get rewarded and recognized for my gift. No one is bigger than the music and we need to come here we need to understand and honor that more than anything.

P31: You’ve been behind the boards creating magic for others for so long but now you got the smash hit They Don’t Know and your new single B*tches Be Like is climbing the charts. How does being out front compare to writing and producing records?

RL: Nothing like performing. It is the greatest thrill on earth, especially as a new artist. Sometimes you get out there and the crowd is looking at you like your crazy and it’s still a great time. Sometimes you get out there and 6,000 people screaming your name like when I was in Orlando. It’s the ultimate joy. Writing a song is like making a baby, but performing is like going to their wedding or graduation…you get emotional up there.

Q&A Interview: Rico Love

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