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Q&A Interview: Kevin Liles

Page 31: Firstly, congratulations on your latest beverage venture. You came to fame as you conquered the music industry. How did you end up transitioning into this market?

Kevin Liles: I always tell people, I’m a trained engineer. I went to Morgan State University for Electrical Engineering. When I got into the music business, it wasn’t just about music to me, it was the business of music. So if it’s the business of music, the business of football— the business of beverages, I look at myself as an intrapreneur if I’m inside of a company, and an entrepreneur when I wanted to start new things. In conversation with my friends at Walgreens we were consulting them on how to increase traffic around the 16-34 year old audience, what products were consumed everyday and what their basis for growth over the next 5-7 years was. All those questions came to the corner of happy and healthy so we chose the beverage marketplace because people drink four beverages a day, and we thought it would be great to subsidize. 

Interestingly enough with these Go N’Syde beverages, you’ve partnered with Jay Z and Mariah Carey and instead of just naming it the Jay Z or Mariah drink, you took successful ventures of theirs such as the 40/40 Club and the Butterfly album and used

Q&A Interview: Kevin Liles

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