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Q&A Interview: Elise Neal

Page 31: I know we're just a few weeks from your TV One reality show Hollywood Divas premiering, so congrats on that, but through your varied roles on The Hughleys show, Hustle N Flow, and so on, we’ve never got to see who the real Elise Neal is. What are we going to see on this show?

Elise Neal:
That was honestly the reason why I signed up. As a trained actress, that is not my mission when I’m doing my roles. Even if I’m playing a comedy on The Hughleys or playing an adultering lawyer on Scandal, what I’ve learned as a trained actor is to not be myself. A lot of people have no idea what my real personality is like, so when I was approached to be on the show I thought it was a good opportunity to show people who I really am.

When people think of reality TV, you automatically expect a bunch of drama. TV One’s brand is a little cleaner cut than most. What kind of things are they following you through?

You will see five women, basically be brought together by Paula Jai Parker and the intent is that she wants to bring us actresses together to create and produce our own product. Through that, we are all getting to know each other as we figure out what that project is going to be—and try to figure out each other and you get to see all of that. I don’t want to

Q&A Interview: Elise Neal

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