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Recap: June Ambrose's Closet Cleansing @ Selima Optique

Recap: June Ambrose's Closet Cleansing @ Selima Optique

August 16th, 2014-After renowned Celebrity Stylist June Ambrose announced her personal closet cleansing sale via Instagram, fashionistas all around the tri-state area scrapped together whatever savings they had in their piggy banks and made their way to Selima Optique in Downtown, Manhattan with hopes of snagging some underpriced designer gear.

While many expected to find great outfits for cheap, it’s fair to say “June Bugs,” were shocked at the level of interaction they got to enjoy with Ambrose, who shared stories about each piece of garment between group photos and selfies. Early on, the line extended a full city block and between the function hours of 12-6, the foot traffic was undying.

June credits her daughter Summer, who on this afternoon was one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in NYC, for setting the tone with her store front friendship bracelet sale. Her son Chance would also act as a cashier, cashing out customers throughout the evening, making it a true family affair.

While the finest threads were gone in the earliest hours, some of which were sentimental sales for Ambrose, latecomers may have gotten the biggest bang for their buck. Later in the day June brought a full rack outside of the store and slashed the sale price on items she appraised for as much as $275 to as cheap as $40! Ambrose explained the sale included a fourth of a storage unit she rented just for her closet, which is maintained by her assistants.

One of the most interesting items on sale throughout the event was a male leather vest, which seemed out of place amongst her personal pieces. June explained that Black Denim designed this leather vest and she pulled it specifically for Jay Z to wear during his Blueprint 3 tour, but they ended up not using it. This is quite the collector’s item for any true Hov fan, and it was gone well before the evening was over.

June also brought out some of her favorite self-help books, which have helped mold her as a mother, stylist and woman altogether. For just a few bucks, many walked away with gems.

Other great steals included a vintage Gucci suit case, likely from the 90s, a jazzy pair of Nicole Farhi boots, and a pair of Gianmarco Lorenzi crystal platforms to name a few. For deal shoppers who missed out, don’t hang your head too hard. A half rack of designer clothes were left over by the time shop closed down, so you may still have time to make your way to Selima Optique and get your hands on some goodies.

The greatest element of the event was truly the environment. Stylists, boutique owners, beauticians, bloggers, and casual shoppers all networked with each other and made connections that will last much longer than they waited on any line. Look forward to more impromptu June Ambrose events in the future, as you won’t want to miss them.

-Photos & Recap by Gregory Calvaire