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Video Breakdown: Kurt Rockmore Ft. Shaun Sutton-Creepin', Self Directed.

Hip-hop is a genre that has been propelled by great storytelling and sampling, and rising NYC rap artist Kurt Rockmore embodies both of those on his latest single Creepin' perfectly. In 2014, creating captivating music videos has become a lost art, but even more impressive than the single are the accompanying visuals which bring the record to life. Kurt self-directed and conceptualized the video himself which shows great range and shows his ability to truly stand out as an MC.

Visually there is much to be applauded. Great visual effects, perfect scenery and unique camera angles such as the close up rap performances are hard to come by. With many big name directors mailing it in and wasting big label budgets on pointless effects and cameos, it's truly refreshing to see a story board come together with the audio so fluidly. As far as the track goes it's self, the undeniable Shaggy sample is flipped perfectly and serves as a good reference point for Kurt to share tales of his polygamous adventures.

-Breakdown by Gregory Calvaire