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Video Breakdown: Danny Brown - Smokin & Drinkin

Hip-hop and parties go together like lamb and tuna fish… alright maybe more like spaghetti and meatballs if you’re more comfortable with that analogy. Proving that he’s the Grand Poobah of partying, Danny Brown and the Bruiser Brigade throw down on what looks like the greatest house party you’ll never go to in the aptly named Smokin & Drinkin. Danny Brown’s critically acclaimed album Old had an interesting dynamic to it as the album had two halves with two totally distinct vibes to it, Side A and Side B. On Side B it feels like the drugs have started to kick in as you become immersed in the sonic influences of electronic and grime music.

Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, who has preciously worked with artists like Blood Orange and Solange, Ortiz perfectly captures the vibe of Smokin & Drinkin and couples it visually with the personality of Danny Brown. While the party video has been done many times before, Ortiz does it differently by throwing you into the midst of this cloudy, black-lit scene that’s as enticing as it is intimidating. By utilizing such extreme close ups and swaying camera work, it feels as if you’ve plunged right into the mix of the Bruiser’s party. Notice how nearly every time someone hits the blunt or downs a 40, things start to slow down, producing that trippy feeling, right before the wild reality of this party comes at you like a haymaker of MDMA. Hats off to Alan Del Rio Ortiz for creating one of the wildest scenes you’ve ever witnessed, simultaneously capturing Danny Brown’s persona in an original spin on a not so original concept.

Breakdown by Carmine Colangelo