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Q&A Interview: Victoria Monet

After attending her private advanced listening for her debut EP Nightmares and Lullabies Act 1, Page 31 had the opportunity to chat with Victoria Monet one on one and pick her mind about her songwriting past and future solo career. Check out the Q&A interview in it's entirety below.

Page 31: Your Nightmares & Lullabies EP –Act 1 drops tomorrow and on there you have current chart-topper Ty Dolla $igns on the song “Made In China” where we get the chance to hear your stellar vocals and a melodic verse from Ty himself. How did that collaboration come about?

Victoria Monet : Well actually I had done the song already, my producer and I. We finished it and it just had an open verse. I wanted to get someone who would give it a cool feel but still not make it as in the box as other features may have it. Not too top 40 not too mainstream but still indie and cool. I felt like Ty Dolla Sign was the perfect match for that song especially being that his studio was literally right down street from where I was working at the time. He’s also a label mate of mine and he’s so sweet.

P31: You’re recently featured on T. I.‘s new album Paperwork providing vocals on Stay and About My Issue with Nippsey Hussel so working with these different artist do you have any memorable studio experiences?

VM: Actually any moment with T.I. in the studio is very memorable. He has a huge personality so there’s a bunch of funny stuff that goes on. Surprisingly enough as successful as he is he is still very humble, down to earth & very southern. He’s very questionable in the studio like “would you like any water?” It’s a cool chill vibe. We’ve been working together for two years now. I was on the album before this one as well. So now it’s just a comfortable situation in the studio. Sometimes I’ll bring hooks that I’ve already finished and we’ll just go back and forth with some ideas. It’s all really really cool.

P31: Now with writing hooks you’ve also written for major artist including Chris Browns Drunk Texting featuring Jhene Aiko and writing credits on Ariana Grande’s My Everything. With that being said when do you know to keep certain records that you’ve written for yourself?

VM: That’s a great question. I feel like the only way I’m able to do so is by being myself. Not every song I write is a personal experience, not everything sounds the same. You know from jumping to T.I.’s song to a Chris Brown song to an Ariana there all very different stylistically. I feel like my music as an artist is also different so it’s kind of easy to tell. I can kind of tell when the track starts. I try not to think about it, it just comes out naturally. And it’s hard sometimes with people in the studio when there like “This is a great song you should keep it.” But it just comes down to being true to yourself and making sure your sound remains over anything, any number possibility on charts or anything like that.

P31: With your sound and your upcoming EP Nightmares & Lullabies, How would you describe your sound and what can fans expect when your EP- ACT 1 drops?

VM: Well I kind of describe it as sound of music meets the trap. It has a like a dirty, gritty, tribal type undertone and my melodies are very soft and sultry in my opinion. I like the juxtaposition of the two and that’s why the title is named after that vibe. So tomorrow I want people to experience something new. I feel like it’s going to be a great look for new music and new artist.

P31: On the EP, one of the lead producers is Tommy Brown who’ve you admitted is your boyfriend. Are there any advantages or disadvantages when working with someone you are romantically involved with or close?

VM: I feel like since it’s been four years for us it kind of is an advantage at this point with just for being able to be honest with each other. If I don’t like something or he doesn’t like something its pretty grunt and we kind of know each other very well musically. As soon as I walk in there’s no guard up, it’s a free spirited type of vibe and you don’t have to be careful as you do with meeting someone new and getting to know someone. It’s kind of a long process especially when you’re coming to that part of being creative. The chemistry is real it’s crazy and I hope it’s being displayed. We also bring in other people too; a lot of them are friends. It just feels like a community and I hope that comes across naturally when people listen.

P31: Congratulations on your EP, I’ll be listening and before I go I want to get your contacts so people can follow you and get in touch with some of your work

VM: The EP will be available on my website and that will lead you to iTunes if you want to support it. It will also be available for speed download if you just want to vibe with it. I know as a new artist you can’t ask for too much. Just let people to experience it first so it’s available both ways. This is my first project I’m open to feed back. I’m really excited about everything it’s been a long time coming so I can’t wait.

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-Interview by Jazmine Woods