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Q&A Interview: Keithian

Page 31 recently spoke exclusively with rising R&B singer Keithian about his upcoming EP and his upbringing in music. Check out the full Q&A interview below.

Page 31: Where are you from and how did that help you become a musician?

Keithian: Well I’m originally from New Orleans. Obviously New Orleans is the home of Jazz and everything so I’m originally a Jazz musician and I jumped into music by the way of getting into a boy group and it just kind of kept on moving from there.

Page 31: Oh really? So do you play any instruments?

Keithian: Yea I play a few instruments I play about eight. My best instrument I would say is the saxophone. So yeah I play about eight instruments

Page 31: Did any of your family members play instruments or were involved in music?

Keithian: Yes, we all played instruments it’s really weird my grandfather pretty much developed a band.

Page 31: As a writer and producer how did you get to that point? Because you’ve worked with Will. I AM, Timbaland & Chris Brown to name a few so how’d you get to that level?

Keithian: Oh well see it was a lot of work. I was in a boy group first & when we broke up, I kept in the studio and I started writing and producing for other artist. I pretty much kept writing and producing and my management sent out two of my tracks to different artist and producers. They put us in there and I started writing for camps and stuff. So that’s how that opened up to me

Page 31: With writing, you have your upcoming Power EP coming out-

Keithian: Right that’s all me, that’s my solo stuff. It’s my Power EP. My Power single is out right now. I got a new single coming out soon. EP comes out in January at the top of the year. And, yeah *laughs*

Page 31: What do you want fans to take away from that EP when they hear it because it is you and all you.

Keithian: Yes man it’s me. The EP, I called it Power because most of the time we go through power struggles when falling in love. Me in that case I wrote the EP about falling in love with my girlfriend and I just pretty much walked into the studio and let go of all the power struggles that I had by putting them down on record. So that’s how that came with the single and everything else. I want the fans to take away having to go through the whole power struggle of falling for something and being vulnerable you know? Showing vulnerability when you’re falling for something whether it’s in love or letting go, whether its letting go the way you feel about somebody or something that has happened in the past. It’s kind of like power. The power you have –it’s a catch 22, you have power when you let go and you have power when you have a test of it.

Page 31: So how did the video “Power” come about?

Keithian: I used my beautiful lady and we kind of –the video came in so many ways. We kind of just had fun. The video was very guerilla style to be really honest. We just kind of had fun we were in our own world.

Page 31: I’m guessing that your EP will tackle a lot of R&B. Are you happy with the state of R&B today?

Keithian: You know I get that question all the time and when you hear more of my stuff you’re going to see I’m really more like a pop-soul kind of guy. I call my sound a dirty pop or a gumbo. Gumbo music. It has an R&B influence, hip-hop, urban, reggae, salsa, jazz –so I would say the R&B state is what it is right now. I can go into the technology and techniques and the commerce part about it and the sales, but I think that has something to do with all music, the album sales. You can even tell that. So as far as the state of R&B I’m still inspired by other R&B acts and I feel like it’ll help me grow.

Page 31: So who are some artist today that you are inspired by dead or alive?

Keithian: Michael, Prince, Madonna , Lenny Kravitz, Janet Jackson, Sam Cooke, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kanye inspired me. So many artist….Miss Ross, even Nicki Minaj.

Page 31: Oh! I love her!

Keithian: Its so crazy cause I just left an office with another interview and the question was “What’ my favorite artist that I’ve worked with?” And I don’t even like saying it but I said the one I was most inspired by was Nicki. Nicki gets the love.

Page 31: You recently served as her Assistant Musical Director I see what was that experience like?

Keithian: It was one of the best experiences as an artist that I’ve ever had because the thing about it is that I got a chance to learn and Nicki is a genius. And you can tell that in her music and why she’s so big –she gets the chance to be herself. So she talked about everything. She talked about a lot of stuff that really helped me, and it was a really great experience.

Page 31: So when is the EP coming out again and where can fans go to hear more great music?

Keithian: The EP is coming out in January and you can check out the single that’ out right now. I’ll have about two more singles coming out before the EP drops. You can catch all of that stuff and me at

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-Interview by Jazmine Woods