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Q&A Interview: Far Out Family

Page 31 recently had the opportunity to speak with the Far Out Family, a group based in East Atlanta for an exclusive Q&A interview where they discussed how they came to be, their influences, the status of southern hip-hop and much more. Far Out Family has a unique fusion of hip-hop and live music, which has warranted the group with comparisons to a young Outkast. Their influences and different musical backgrounds come together to create a distinctive sound that is all their own. Check out the conversation below

Page 31: How did y’all form the Far Out Family?

Glenn: Me and Bias met in high school and started doing creative shit in general and right around the end of high school started thinking that we should rap because Bias had always been freestyling. Then Bias met Ray later on, a few years after high school.

Bias: I met Ray working. Doing concierge work and basically I was doing the work at the building he stayed in.

Ray “The Living”: I was in a string quartet and my sister and I would practice in the library of that condo so he noticed I did music and we started talking about music and started like pushing our ideas together and working together.

P31: So what is so unique about your sound?

Glenn: I think our influences. I think a lot of people listen to a lot of shit but they are not influenced by a lot of shit. But I think that has always been our cornerstone of what kind of made this cool for us, was trying to synthase our influences into something dope that people liked or people can relate to or whatever.  Ray is a trained violinist and plays guitar for us.  Bias is a graphic designer and is into anime and comics and all that ends up in his shit. And I am a huge film head and all the different music that we all listen to, we try to, you know, end up in one place and try to make it make sense and relatable and tell our story or whatever and I think that’s what makes us the most unique.

P31: So who are your musical inspirations?

Bias: Andre 3000, Gorillaz, uhh shoot.

Glenn: I say Gorillaz are pretty fuckin huge

Bias: I’d say they’re the largest influences…definitely.

P31: Why Them?

Glenn: One thing he (Bias) always loved them and then he got me into them, so at the point it's like both of us are trying to shoot for it. He always shoots for it in a tone in a songwriting way and I am shooting for it in more like an actual musical way and then Ray comes in and drops his musicality on it. But I think because it started with Bias and kinda spread throughout the whole group. It became such a touchstone for us.

P31: With Atlanta music in the position that it is in with the Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug type beat do you think there is a lane for your type of music?

Glenn: I think that our advantage is there wasn't a lane for Kanye or for Outkast when they came up and the fact that they were the first ones to establish that lane is what led to their dominance of that lane.

The Living: I think the fact that there might not be a lane and that creates a demand for the group.  I mean just because people hear it and see it; it's not the mainstream, its not Rich Home Quan or [Young] Thug. I think there are a lot of kids like us searching for that sound of music.

Glenn: Bias always says big up to them

Bias: I fuck with Young Thug

P31: So your music video “What The/$” is it just What The?

Glenn: You know it's like a double video. The first half is “What The” and the second half is a money symbol. Lets make it complicated. Why not?

P31: You said you were a movie buff so is that something we are going to see more of?  A movie type feel for all of your videos?

Glenn: Hopefully and kind of like blending stuff. For instance, Hip-Hop videos to me are cutting edge in terms of film right now; the way they are edited it's the first time film has been edited that way. In ten years movies are going to be edited that way in that kind of visceral cut. You just feel it. Like the way it's been chopped up and the way it moves through the music. So I think hopefully we kind of influenced cinema because we're influenced by the movies, but we also have the kind of shit we're into. Bias did a video a couple of years ago where it was influenced by ghost videos, like those ghost shows. So its not just cinema, but just film in general so we're hopefully bringing in influences from.

P31: What's the overall message of the song?

Bias: The overall message for “What The/$” was basically this kind of this general idea that we had so much information coming in. We studied the scene a lot, we studied our peers in the scene, we study everything about music at our level. So sometimes when you're watching it and watching the culture there are certain things that kind of at that time were just making us go "what the fuck is that supposed to mean?" So you see these videos and you see these flashy cars you see, you see you know people throwing up money, you see all these things and it's like "what the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

Glenn: Bias got a family, I'm broke, Ray got a kid, like what is that shit supposed to mean?

Bias: Even when you sit back and you're like, looking at the plays on a video, plays on a song, you’re trying to figure out what those things mean. We'd see one guy and he get 2,000 plays on a song, but he'd pack out every show every time you'd go see him and you have another guy who had 50,000, but can't fill a room of 30 people when it time for his to come around. So it's like this intake of information trying to figure out what do these numbers really mean to me? What does any of this mean to me? How many blog posts I get, what does any of this really actually mean?

Ray "The Living": Its kind of like pop culture translation when any of that information comes out.

P31: Any New projects?

Glenn: We got a bunch of shit man [all laugh]. So far this year we dropped our mixtape. Bias is coming with a solo record that’s an EP, I'm coming with a solo record that's an EP. His is The Black Juju and mine’s Dreamer Blue. We're gonna have the follow up to the Far Out Family project we're gonna call Fret and then we'll do a follow up to the mixtape, which will be one of our last names or something like that. So we got what? [talking to Bias] Your project is basically finished?

Bias: My project is done basically

Glenn: My project is there, Fret is about half-way done and we haven't started on the mixtape. So hopefully four things in the next four months kind of thing

- Scotty Bugatti