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Carm's Fantasy Corner: Week 10

Mark Sanchez, QB Philadelphia Eagles: The Sanchize is back. After Nick Foles went down at the end of the first quarter, which has been confirmed as a broken collarbone, Sanchez came in for three quarters of relief and led the Eagles to their sixth win of the season. In 45 minutes of football, Sanchez completed 15 of his 22 passes for 202 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Really it was more like one interception because the other one resulted in a pick after it bounced off of Josh Huff’s hands. Sanchez didn’t show any rust coming off the bench and that’s a good sign for anyone looking for a new QB or Foles’ owners in need of a replacement because the former starting quarterback will be out for the next 6-8 weeks. The capable Sanchez is available in about 95 percent of fantasy leagues and could surprise people with his production in Chip Kelly’s system.

Terrance West, RB Cleveland Browns: There’s not a situation dicier to a fantasy football team than the phrase “running back by committee”. Four little words can make your running situation a big gamble that makes Russian roulette seem like a safer bet. Before their Bye Week, Terrance West seemed like he could be the man in Cleveland, but since then, the power shift has been moving in the opposite direction. On Sunday, West may have been able to swing it back his way after way after finishing the day with 15 carries for 48 rushing yards and one receiving touchdown. Although his numbers weren’t out of this world, comparatively, his game was on Pluto. A struggling Ben Tate scrummed up only three measly yards on 10 carries and Isaiah Crowell did not play a single down. While that’s not a good sign for Browns’ fans, it is a good sign for owners looking for a new RB or owners with West on their roster. While the Browns will likely remain with the committee, it seems like there’s a good chance that West could be getting some more work than the other guys.  West is available in about 75 percent of fantasy leagues.

Mike Evans, WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Although the Bucs picked up an unsettling seventh loss of the season, there was one awesome thing to take away from this game and it’s that their first round draft pick is a beast. Mike Evans caught seven passes for 124 yards and two touchdowns. It was a career game for Evans as he collected highs in nearly all-offensive categories. Over the past three games, Evans has collected 257 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Not to mention he’s seen a minimum of seven targets in each of those games. Although he plays in a young, unproven offense (outside of Vincent Jackson), Mike Glennon could be the right guy for Evans to play with because Glennon certainly is not afraid to air it out in his direction. There will always be ups and downs with a rookie receiver but with a QB who’s not afraid to take shots downfield, Evans shows a lot of promise. After a large uptick in waiver wire claims, Evans is available in a shrinking 40 percent of fantasy leagues.

Mychal Rivera, TE Oakland Raiders: While wide receivers and running backs tend to dominate the fantasy football babble around the water cooler, securing a solid tight end is not a bad piece of real estate to invest in. Although the Raiders suffered a not so surprising loss to the Seahawks, Mychal Rivera strung together his second straight noteworthy performance. As the Raiders main source of offense on Sunday, Rivera caught eight passes for 38 yards and two touchdowns. While the yards-per-catch were not all that exciting, the pair of TDs certainly is. Not to mention that if you’re in a PPR league, those eight catches are just simply, quite dope. In his last two games, Rivera has caught 15 of the 20 passes thrown his way for 121 yards and two touchdowns. The Raiders don’t have much going for them, but Rivera is a bright spot in that lineup that has the ability and perceived chemistry Derek Carr to put up some more big games. He could be a real steal late in the season. Rivera is available in virtually all fantasy leagues.

Adrian Peterson, RB Minnesota Vikings: Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I’d have Adrian Peterson in my waiver wire pickup, but there’s a first time for everything. While Peterson has missed the entire season so far, there’s a chance that he could play again soon. Peterson has a hearing scheduled for Tuesday at 2:30 PM and if he is able to reach a plea agreement, his child-abuse charges could be reduced to a misdemeanor. If that is how things work out, there is a very strong chance that he could be back playing again this season. There’s no telling what will really happen in this case because Roger Goodell flip-flops more than a weak public official. If you’re in a deep league or willing to roll the dice, pick up Adrian Peterson now. Should he be cleared to play again, you could pick up a top-3 pick off of the waiver wire for the final push of the fantasy football season and ride that into the playoffs. When I wrote that sentence, I head the collection of a million fantasy football nergasms happening all at once. Peterson, who’s available in about 60 percent of fantasy leagues, could be running into Minnesota with a fresh set of legs.

- Carmine Colangelo