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CC & Amber Sabathia's CC Challenge Kick Off Reception

November 7, 2014 – Friday evening, New York Yankees' pitcher CC Sabathia and his wife Amber Sabathia celebrated their PitCCh In Foundation's fourth annual CC Challenge kick off reception at the Lucky Strike Bowling Lanes in New York City. Established in 2008, the foundations mission is to enrich the lives of inner city youth by promoting self-esteem and providing an outlet for children to be active in their communities.  Along with mingling, listening to sounds provided by Hot97’s DJ Enuff, enjoying complimentary drinks by D'usse Cognac and bowling, guest were able to make a donation to the foundation throughout the night. Amber Sabathia took the mic during one point to thank everyone and announce that the foundation raised $200,000. Page 31 had an opportunity to speak to Amber in the midst of the festivities which you can see below. Check it out.

Page 31: How did your foundation come about and what was the inspiration?

Amber Sabathia: Well CC and I are both from the inner city and we co-founded the foundation 8 years ago just to promote self-esteem amongst inner city youth.

Page 31: Being that you’re from the inner city were there any challenges you faced as well that made you say “You know what, this needs to be done for the youth.”

Amber Sabathia: Absolutely both of our parents were single mothers –and the struggle is mostly financial when you’re being raised in the inner city. The parents can’t afford to pay for their kids to play baseball or basketball or cheer just to be involved and be active. So what we do is, most of the funds that are raised are to get the kids out there and keep them active and keep them involved in the city.

Page 31: That’s dope. I really like that because I’m a big advocate for promoting our youth. Are there any other endeavors you guys are working on for the youth?

Amber Sabathia: Yeah like right now we just broke ground we’re renovating a baseball field in the Bronx. We have the backpack program we do every year. I do a lot of work with the Women’s of Excellence academy in the Bronx –and dealing with the girls I do a prom dress shopping, that was the one thing when I was growing up my mom couldn’t afford and that was to get a prom dress. You never know that the littlest thing can really help promote a child’s self-esteem where they have a dress to wear to the prom. Just those little things that really get them going and keeping up in school and keeping the grades up and moving forward and going on to college and really following their dreams is what our main goal is for the foundation.

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-Recap & Interview by Jazmine Woods